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Web On-Call

We understand that your on-call schedule is an integral part of your business or practice. Our system has a real time on-call scheduler that automatically updates our operators with your on-call information.

Web On-Call allows you to log into our system any time of the day or night from any PC with an Internet connection. With a secure login name and password, you can make changes to your on-call schedule. Because you are making the changes directly on our system, they take effect immediately.

The Advantages of Web On-Call:

  • 24 hour access to your schedule.
  • Eliminates the need for both your office and the answering service to maintain separate schedules.
  • All changes are made in one location reducing the chance for errors.
  • Schedules can be printed as a monthly calendar or by employee name.
  • Multiple levels of secure access allow you to give employees permission to view and print schedules but prevent them from changing the schedule.
  • Schedule changes take effect immediately.

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