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Numeric Pagers

Numeric pagers display a number message on the screen of the pager. The person calling the pager dials the pager telephone number and is greeted by a prompt that states, “After the tone, type in your telephone number”. The numeric message that the caller types in (up to 20 digits) is sent through the paging network and is then displayed on the screen of the pager. The numeric message can be any series of digits, and many users devise number codes to mean specific things.

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Apollo 202


Innerglow LCD Display | 26 Memory Slots | 4 Beep Alerts, 10 Melody Alerts, Vibration and Sleep Mode | Spring Loaded Holster | 3 Daily Alarm Sets | Month, Date, Year, Time Display
| 8 Message Locks | Extra Long Battery Life | Reminder Alert | Back Light Display | Message Full Indicator | Message Time Stamp | Selective Message Lock / Delete | Lithium Backup Battery


Bravo Plus


16 Message Storage | Message Timestamping | Vibration or Beep Alert |
Clock | Backlit Display | Top Mount Design |
Available in Black

unicationnp88 Unication NP88


16 Message Memory | 5 Tone Alerts | Date & Time Display | Chirp, and
Vibration & Silent | Message Protect (up to 8 messages) | Reminder alert |
Message Full Indicator |Auto alert reset | Vibrator/Chirp/Silent |
Receiving Time Stamping | Selective Erase | Personal Alarm | Unread
Message Indicator | Erase All | Reflective Backlighting | Duplicate
Message Indication | Auto On/Off Timer | Memory Retention When Power Off
| Time Display When Power Off | Low Battery Alarm