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Service Related Questions

Q. Can an alphanumeric messaging device accept both word and numeric

A. Yes. An alphanumeric messaging device can be paged with both words and
numbers. Whereas a numeric messaging device will accept numeric messages

Q. How do I know who sent me a text page?

A. Using traditional alphanumeric paging services, the person paging you
must sign his/her message.

Q. Why do I sometimes receive garbled or mixed up text messages on my word
messaging device?

A. Messages may occasionally be “garbled” if you are in an area that is
receiving a weak signal or the battery in your pager is low. In some
instances, there may be something wrong with your messaging device.

Q.Why am I having problems receiving pages in my building?

A. Some buildings are constructed in a way that inhibits the penetration of
a paging signal. For instance, some hospital rooms / areas are heavily
protected for radiation that the paging signal will not always penetrate the

Q. Will my messaging device reach me across the border in Canada?

A. The FCC regulates that our signal only goes to the border. That being
said, we cannot stop the signal at the border so you could receive a page in
Canada but we do not guarantee this or sell this as a feature.

Q. Is it possible for me to receive pages through the Internet when I am
outside the coverage area?

A. No. Although the Internet or e-mail page may be originated from anywhere
in the world, you must be in the coverage area to receive pages.

Pager Access Numbers and Voice mail

Q. If I change service providers, can I keep the same phone number I am
currently using?

A. No, when you sign up for CVC Paging service, you will receive a unique
messaging device number that allows people to page you directly.

Q. How can I enhance my numeric messaging device?

A. Adding Voice Mail to any numeric messaging device enhances it. The caller
will hear a voice message telling them they can either leave a voice message
or a numeric message at the sound of the tone. With Custom Greeting, the
subscriber can record their own voice greeting.

Q. What if I am out of town? Is there a cost to check my Voice Mail?

A. If you are calling long distance to your messaging device Voice Mail, you
will incur long distance charges.

Q. Is there a maximum time messages can be held?

A. Yes, you may select a Voice Mail storage package to meet your message
storage needs. Available message storage plans generally range from 8 -48

Sending Pages

Numeric Messaging Devices

A. To send a page to a numeric messaging device, dial the messaging device
access number and punch in a call back number and press # or hang up.

Alphanumeric Messaging Devices

A. There are four ways of sending text messages to your
alphanumeric messaging device:

  • Through the CVC Paging Web site ( – click ‘webpager’)
  • Via e-mail, which is [email protected]
  • Through an operator dispatch
  • Via alphanumeric paging software.

Q. What is the character limit for sending alphanumeric pages?

A. Depending upon the messaging device/service of the number you are sending
the page to, the limit is between 120 and 240 characters (including spaces).

Q. I am not receiving text messages that were sent to me over the Internet
or via e-mail. What could be wrong?


  1. Your battery may be low.
  2. You have service from a provider other than CVCPaging. You MUST be a
    CVCPaging subscriber to receive messages sent via our Web site or e-mails
    that end with
  3. You have a numeric messaging device or only numeric service from
    CVCPaging. You must be an alphanumeric customer with alphanumeric service in
    order to receive text messages.
  4. Check to make sure that you did not put any spaces or hyphens in the
    “Recipients Pager #” field of the Internet paging page.
  5. You were outside the coverage area when the page was sent to you.
  6. You did not have a subject in the subject field of your e-mail.

Q. How much does it cost to have e-mail and Internet paging?

$5.95 per month.

A. Internet paging comes as part of your standard alphanumeric service.
There is no extra charge for this feature. E-mail paging is at an additional charge

Q. I am having trouble sending pages using the SNNP client software.

A. If you are behind a firewall, it must allow outbound traffic on port 444 to use this software.