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About Our Company

Central Vermont Communications (CVC) was founded in 1978 and has been a trusted supplier of pagers and paging service since the early 1980’s. With the creation of Advanced Answering Center (AAC) we entered the answering service business and have been providing custom call center solutions to customers both large and small.

Central Vermont Communications and Advanced Answering Center have emerged as leaders in the paging and telephone answering service industries. Today CVC and AAC serve the paging and answering needs of hospitals, utility companies, health care facilities, corporations, public safety organizations, municipalities, small business and others.

Central Vermont Communications has developed and implemented the most reliable paging network available. Our paging network offers exceptional pager coverage and is capable of numeric and text messaging as well as e-mail paging, Internet paging, voicemail, group paging and many other enhanced features.

When it comes to pager service, it is extremely important that you get the message. Here at CVC Paging we understand that need. We are continually investing in our infrastructure to ensure you receive the most comprehensive service possible.

Advanced Answering Center is a full service call center with the ability to handle customers both large and small. Advanced Answering Center uses Amtelco’s fifth generation Infinity system for all message handling. This system is among the most reliable and flexible call-handling solutions available. The Infinity system allows AAC to be an extension of your office, delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Together Central Vermont Communications and Advanced Answering Center are committed to providing high quality service and delivering a level of customer service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.