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Voice Mail Manual

Checking In for Messages

  1. From a touchtone phone, dial your voicemail phone number
  2. Press 0
  3. Enter your passcode then press #or * to start over.  The voice announcer will tell you how many (if any) messages you have.
  4. To listen to messages press 7
  5. To rewind a message hit *or #to fast forward
  6. After playing message:
    1. 3 to delete current message
    2. 5 to keep message
    3. 7 to replay
    4. 9 to exit menu

To Change Your Greeting/Passcode

Follow the steps above for checking in. After entering password, hit 8 for user options.
Hit 4 to change mailbox greeting or 7 to change your passcode.
If you select 7 to change your passcode: enter new passcode and then # to end or * to start over.

3 will allow you to start over

5 will allow you to confirm greeting

9 will allow you to cancel your entry

Leaving a Voice Mail

Dial the phone number for the account. Press 1 after the greeting.

2 to Append Message

3 to Erase Message

5 to Keep Message and Exit Account

7 to Review Message

9 to Cancel and Exit