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Web On Call: Web On-Call allows you to log into our system any time of day or night with a secure login name and password and make changes to your schedule. Because you are making the changes directly on our system, they take effect immediately.
Update your on-call schedule from any PC with an Internet connection. Click here to learn more about using Web On Call.

Customized Answer Phrases: Tell us how you want your phone answered. With a customized answer phrase, we will answer your line with the name of your business and in a format consistent with how you answer in your office.

Repeats: If you use numeric paging or prefer to call the answering service and confirm the receipt of your alpha page, your account can be programmed to bring paged messages back to the operator at a preset time. The operator can then verify that you have called in for your message. This ensures your customers receive timely service!

Customized Account Greetings: You can record a greeting on your account in your own voice to provide callers with information on office hours or any special instructions. You can change the greeting anytime from anywhere. This greeting will play on the first ring and then the call will be answered by one of our well-trained operators offering assistance. You can have different greetings played based on time of day or day of the week.

Caller ID: Our system will capture the caller id from the calling party any time the telephone company is able to supply this information. This number can automatically be inserted into your message form to provide you with additional information about the call. Even when this information is available, we will still ask for and confirm the telephone number that the caller would like to be called back at.

Caller ID Name: Our system will also capture the name associated with the caller id if provided by the telephone company.

Voicemail: Add voicemail to any live operator accounts and give callers the option of leaving routine messages in voice mail or speaking to live operator for urgent calls. This can reduce your costs by automating some services. Click here to learn more about voice mail with Live Operator Service.

Web Enabled Telephone Agents: Our system allows us to display a web site on the screen as soon as a call is answered on your account. This feature works great if you would like us to take orders from your callers and enter them directly into your system.

Web Chat: Place a link in your web page that will allow people browsing your web site to chat with one of our telephone agents on your account. This will allow the people viewing your site to ask the telephone agent questions about the information they are viewing.

Web Push: Our telephone agents can push web pages back to people viewing your web site through the Web Chat feature. This allows people to ask questions which the operator can answer by pushing the information back to the person. The web page containing the answer to their question will then display in their browser window.

Toll Free Numbers: Call forward to a toll free number assigned to your account or give the number out to your customers.

Voice Logger: All inbound and outbound calls are digitally recorded and stored for security and quality control.

Personalized Message Forms: You tell us what information you need from callers and we will design a form to make sure we ask the callers for all the necessary information.

Automated Check In Line: Need to check to see if you have messages on your account? Dial our toll free check in line, enter your account number and pass code and the system will tell you if you have any messages. If you do have messages, you will be immediately transferred to an operator who will read the messages to you. If you do not, simply hang up and never be billed for the call.

Directory Importer: Do you have a database containing information to be used for call handling? Maybe an employee contact list, customer contact list or information on different departments? We can import information in delimited files, Access or Excel formats into our system. These databases can also be exported and sent to you via e-mail as needed.

Message Archive: All text messages saved on your account are stored for up to five years. These archives can be searched by caller name, phone number or any other relevant information to provide you with detailed reporting of call history as requested.

Message History: All messages saved on the system are date and time stamped with the operator’s initials. Any time a message is paged, faxed, e-mailed or an outgoing call is made to deliver a message, it is documented in the message history.

Detailed Reporting: Statistics on every call in our system are carefully monitored and tracked. We capture everything from how many times a call rang, the amount of time spent talking to the caller to who hung up first – the caller or the operator.