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Standalone Voice Mail

Standalone Voice Mail allows callers to leave a message in your voice mail box. Callers hear a recorded greeting giving them a variety of instructions and options.

  • Retrieve voice mail from any phone with a secure pass code.

  • Flexible parameters – You tell us what you need for greeting, message length and storage times, and we will customize an account to fit your needs.

  • Caller ID – The caller ID can be captured on voice mail calls and read back to you by the system when you retrieve your messages.

  • Ability to skip messages and mark messages unplayed.

  • Multiple Mailboxes – Allows callers to dial one number and select a mailbox based on an employee or division list.

  • Transfer Messages to Other Mailboxes – If your account uses multiple mailboxes, you can transfer a message left in your mailbox to someone else on your account.

  • Time of Day Greetings – Record up to three greetings for your mailbox and use the account status to change the message your callers hear when they dial your number.

  • Message Notification – Receive notification of your messages on your pager or e-mail as they come in.

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