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Q. I normally answer my own calls during the day. Can I use the answering service if I need to be out of the office?

A. Advanced Answering Center customers may forward their phones at any time of the day, any day of the week. If possible, let us know in advance of any special office hours. This allows us time to work with you on setting up any special call handling instructions for these times.

Q. I’m expecting a call from a specific person, and I would like his message to be given to someone other than the person on call. Can I do this?

A. Our system is designed to display your account to the operator with a special section for temporary account instructions. Just provide us with detailed information on how you would like these calls to be handled, and we will take care of the rest.

Q. How do I know if my call forwarding went through?

A. When forwarding your phone lines, always wait for an operator to answer your account and confirm your on call. To check your lines to make sure the calls are being forwarded, pick up another phone line and call your business number to confirm that it is answered.

Q. What do I do if I cannot get my call forwarding to work?

A. Advanced Answering Center provides you with a call forwarding number unique to your account, but the actual process of call forwarding is a telephone company process. If you are unable to forward your phones, try hanging up, picking the line back up and pressing 73# and hang up again. Sometimes, this will clear any programming on the line. If you hear a fast busy signal, this indicates the forwarding is already off. At this point, try forwarding your phones again.

Contact the telephone company or your phone system vendor if you continue to have problems. If we can be of assistance contact us at (800) 722-2339.

Q. I use Web On Call, but I have a last minute change and do not have Internet access?

A. On call changes can be made by a supervisor at Advanced Answering Center. Call your call forwarding number to make the change and be prepared to give the name of the person on call, the duration they will be on call and possibly contact numbers if it is a new employee.

Q. I need to receive my messages as they are taken. What is the most efficient way to do this?

A. Alphanumeric paging allows you to receive the entire text message on the screen of your pager minutes after the message is taken. E-mail copies of the messages can also be sent as messages are received or at scheduled times during the day.