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Alphanumeric Pagers

Text (or alphanumeric) pagers are capable of receiving both numbers and words on the screen of the pager. Number messages are sent via telephone, exactly the same as they are sent to numeric pagers. Text, or word, messages can be sent to an alphanumeric pager via the following methods; Paging software in conjunction with any PC and modem, Internet paging, E-mail paging, and Live operator dispatch.
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Alpha Gold


Electra Light Backlit Display | 34 Message Memory | Zoom From 4 Lines of
Text to 2 Lines of Text | Date and Time Display | Message Time and Date
Stamping | Alarm Clock | Audible and Vibrating Alerts | Reminder Alert |
Selective Erase and Erase All | Message Lock | Message Preview | Memory
Retention When Powered Off | Battery Gauge and Battery Backup


Memo Express


Hold up to 120 Characters per Message | One Line Display that Scrolls to Show the Numeric or Word Message | Backlit Display for Easy Readability
| 5 Selectable Musical Alerts & Silent Vibration | Holds up to 15 Personal Messages | Shows Time of Day and Date | Notes Time of Message | Built-in Alarm Clocks
| Operates on a Single AAA Battery | Available in Black


Apollo 924


16 Memory Slots | 10 Personal Message Slots | Selective Message Lock | Date & Time Display | Unread Messasge Display | 10 Melody,
4 Beeps, Vibration, and Silent mode | Battery Backup | 1 Daily Alarm | Back Light Display | Extra Long Battery Life | 4 Level Battery Capacity Indicator