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Alphanumeric Paging

Alphanumeric Paging – Allows you to receive a worded text message on the screen of your pager. Why get just a number when you can receive the whole message? Alphanumeric paging often eliminates the need to make a return phone call, saving you time and money.

Alphanumeric Paging:

  • Receive worded text messages in addition to numeric messages.
  • Often times eliminates the need to make return phone calls.
  • Receive your e-mails on your pager or use it as an e-mail notification tool.
  • Send text messages in a variety of ways:
    • Web Paging – Send text messages directly from our web site.
    • E-mail Paging – Anyone with the ability to send an e-mail can send a text message to the screen of your pager. The address is your “ten digit [email protected]” for example [email protected].
    • SNPP Paging Software – The fastest and most reliable way to send text messages. SNPP allows anyone with an always-on internet connection to send text messages. Built in redundancy makes sure your messages get delivered to our paging terminal.
    • Operator Assisted Dispatch – Live operators are available 24-7 to transcribe and send a text message for you. Operator Assisted Dispatch can be accessed from any phone via a special toll free number.