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Advanced Answering Center Implements Special Features for the Fuel Industry

Advanced Answering Center successfully handled tens of thousands of fuel delivery and service calls during the 2007 / 2008 winter season. Our ability to accurately and efficiently handle fuel industry calls is a result of having a very dedicated staff and the implementation of several special features aimed at the fuel industry. Advanced Answering Center utilizes dedicated fuel dispatchers during the winter months. These fuel dispatchers are senior operators that are trained to dispatch fuel related calls. Temperature based staffing is a method that Advanced Answering Center uses to ensure that we are properly staffed for high call volumes during extreme cold temperatures. Efficient alphanumeric paging allows on-call personnel to receive valuable customer information on the screen of their pager saving time and money. “We are very proud of the core competencies that we have developed in regards to serving our fuel industry clients. We appreciate the trust that has been placed in us and take the responsibility of handling their calls very seriously” said Stephan Suker, President of CVC Paging, CVC Two-Way Radio and Advanced Answering Center.

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