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Account Adjustments During COVID-19 Crisis

To Our Valued Customers:
Advanced Answering Center is committed to supporting our clients and community during this time of unprecedented crisis. Our priorities are making sure critical resources are directed to your clients and patients in critical need as well as protecting our staff.  
If you are requesting we provide additional phone coverage, we need to receive the request through this form submission with some specific details. Please note, we cannot have you forward the phones outside of your current hours without receiving the details in advanced and sending you confirmation back. Please be patient on the response.  The volume of requests is extremely high. We will review protocols to agree on a call handling process. Variations in programming may be difficult to quickly implement at this time. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and offer suggestions to steam line dispatching processes. This will allow our staff to focus on incoming calls and help you control costs.
We appreciate all of our customers. As a team, we can get through this difficult time and still serve our communities and customers.
Suggestions for How We Can Work Together to Share Critical Services:
  • If your phone system can provide callers with a greeting to filter off non-urgent calls, please consider using this option
  •  Have us refer non-urgent calls to office hours
  •  Add a greeting providing as much information to callers as possible so fewer require a live operator to answer questions
  •  Work with us to add dispatch options that do not require a phone call such as paging, text messaging, secure message or email.
  •  Inform critical clients that hold times may be higher than normal due to the current crisis.  Often setting expectations and providing a reason makes all levels of the process work together as a team.