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Enhanced Options

Custom Greeting

Record your own personal greeting on your pager number. Greet your customers with your own voice and message when they page you. Update your greeting as often as you like from any touch tone phone.

Page Until Pickup

Page Until Pickup (PUP) works in conjunction with our voicemail packages. PUP will page you at a regular interval if you have a voicemail message that you have not listened to. Once you have listened to the voicemail message, the PUP option will stop paging you.

Cascade Until Pickup

Designed to be used with voicemail and a distribution list or group of on-call personnel. Cascade Until Pickup will page each member of the list, in order, until a member calls in and listens to the voicemail.

Repeat Page

The CVC Paging system will send every page 2 times. (1 minute apart)

Caller Pass Code

Caller Pass Code requires that a 4 digit pass code is entered before a page can be sent to a pager or a group of pagers. Caller Pass Code works great for eliminating wrong numbers or fraudulent pages in mission critical applications.

Page Forwarding

Forward your pages to another person's pager. Page forwarding works great for covering physicians or other on-call situations. The caller does not have to be made aware of a changed pager number and you know that your pages will be handled by someone you trust.

Toll-Free Pager Numbers

CVC Paging offers toll-free pager numbers so anyone can page you, from anywhere in the country, with out having to pay toll charges.

Additional Pager Number

Add up to two additional pager telephone numbers to your pager. Ideal if you have callers from different states. Additional pager numbers also may also mitigate regional phone outages in mission critical applications.

Page Re-Send

Similar to numeric retrieval, Page Re-Send allows you to actually re-page your last 10 messages. Access Page Re-Send from any touch tone phone 24/7. Did you delete an important message? Pager turned off? Battery dead? No Problem! Just dial your pager number and have your last 10 pages re-sent to your pager. Page Re-Send works great with numeric and alphanumeric pagers.


Add voicemail to any CVC Paging pager and turn your pager into a portable answering machine. Voicemail allows callers to leave you a detailed voicemail message. You are immediately notified on the screen of your pager when you have a voicemail message. You can even retrieve messages that were left for you when your pager is turned off or if you have traveled out of the coverage area.

Voice Mail Instructions

To Access:
  1.   Touch tone your pager number
  2.   Enter 0 to access your file
  3.   Enter your access code
  4.   Use the commands below

Message Retrieval:
2 Delete Message
3 Play Newest to Oldest Message
4 Play Oldest to Newest Message
5 Replay Message
7 Time & Date
* Help
# Disconnect

Update Greetings:
11 To Update Greeting
30 Begin Recording
1 End Recording
40 Playback
10 Transfer to other mode

Numeric Message Retrieval:
14 To Retrieve Numeric Message
2 Delete Message
3 Play Newest Recording
4 Play Oldest Recording
5 Replay Message
7 Time & Date
* Help
# Disconnect

Note: Please contact customer service (1-800-696-6474, [email protected]), if you forgot your access code.
  Click here to find out about our stand alone voicemail options Voicemail Packages:
  • Standard - 8 messages, Stored for 8 hours, Message length 20 seconds.
  • Standard Plus - 8 messages, Stored for 8 hours, Message length 20 seconds, Includes custom greeting.
  • Enhanced - 10 messages, Stored for 24 hours, Message length 30 seconds, Includes custom greeting.
  • Super - 12 messages, Stored for 48 hours, Message length 60 seconds, Includes custom greeting.
  • Custom - We will create a voicemail package to meet your specific needs.